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Eurogamer is looking for a new guides writer!

For FAQs' sake.

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Fancy an opportunity to join us in Brighton? We are looking for a Guides Writer to be part of Eurogamer's growing, award-winning editorial team.

You can find full details of the role, and see how to apply, at the job posting over on

Here's the lowdown: the job is based in our Brighton office, and involves working with our guides editor Matthew Reynolds on the guides section that has been such an important part of our growth and success over the last few years.

We're looking for a superb writer, of course - with an emphasis on clarity - as well as someone who deeply loves games, is ready to get deeply involved in investigating and explaining their content and systems, and has a passion for helping people out. Enthusiasm for all genres of gaming is important, but especially the major single-player releases (think Red Dead Redemption 2, Zelda: Breath of the Wild) and constantly updated 'live' games (think Fortnite, Pokémon Go and Destiny) that form the backbone of our guides offering. Knowledge of the web publishing environment, especially search engine optimisation (SEO) would be a plus. A positive attitude and team mentality are essential.

The successful applicant will be dedicated to making the best original game guides on the internet. However, there will be occasional opportunities to contribute to other areas of the site too.

Incidentally, curious readers should know that this hire doesn't just mean an expansion of our guides output - our features and reviews will benefit, too. Once the new guides writer is in place, our current guides writer Chris "successful gamer" Tapsell will move to a new staff writer role, in which he'll continue to work on some guides but will be able to spend much more of his time writing features and reviews.

It's a really exciting time to work on Eurogamer; we smashed our traffic records last year, thanks in no small part to the efforts of the guides team. Come and be part of it!

(If you're not a guides writer in waiting but are still interested in joining the Gamer Network family in Brighton, we have a few other positions open too, including a video producer for RPS, a junior graphic designer, a web developer, some sales and HR roles.)

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