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Eurogamer Expo Indie Games Arcade submissions closing soon!

Best fling your game at our show as quickly as possible.

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Update: Submissions are closing soon for this year's Indie Games Arcade! The closing date is Saturday 27th July. We meant Friday, really, but we put the wrong date on the form, so if you're an indie developer who wants in on the Indie Games Arcade, you can have Saturday as well to add that last day of polish.

David Hayward, who curates the Indie Games Arcade, also has a message for anyone who's on the fence:

"This time, I've had quite a few messages to the effect of, 'Is it worth submitting this?' The answer is yes. Some developers approach me thinking curation is an extension of the Eurogamer editorial and review processes, but it definitely isn't. A few developers have mentioned to me that curation is kind of a black box and they're never quite sure how it works. That's kind of the point of it; it's not like a funding application or any comparable system that can be gamed. In a very blunt sense, curators are allowed to work with an agenda and the process is inherently flexible. The process takes place with evaluation and discussion, but not any kind of numerical ranking.

"The reasons for a game getting into a show can be incredibly diverse: the strength of its game design, the fact that it's doing something new, that it's particularly suited to a crowded environment, that with headphones it's an absorbing and serene experience that contrasts well with being on a show floor. These, along with many more, are reasons and factors that things have been selected in the past. The exact reasons for any game being selected are usually multiple and unique to that project. Two factors affect every decision, though: how well a game will be able to communicate itself on a busy show floor, and how it fits into the overall line-up for the stand. Not being selected doesn't mean your game is bad, or there was something wrong with the application. We always have more good projects submitted than we have space for, so nothing is ever guaranteed to get through selection.

"In some cases, people have wanted to hire stand space after finding out they weren't selected, but the deadlines and announcements have been too close to the event itself. That's why, this time and from now on, submissions and deadlines for the IGA and the Rezzed Leftfield Collection will be around two months out from the events."

So, wanna submit your game? Then hit up the submission form.

Original story: The Eurogamer Expo is back at Earls Court, London, from 26th to 29th September this year and today we're very happy to announce that we're opening submissions for this year's Indie Games Arcade, where up and coming indie titles can exhibit their charms for free to tens of thousands of gamers over four days.

Independent developers who fancy getting involved are encouraged to submit their details and game information to our curator, David Hayward, who is looking for games on any format - PC, console, handheld, whatever. Submissions close on 27th July.

Much of the show floor at the Eurogamer Expo is given over to playable demos of triple-A games like Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, FIFA and what-have-you, but the Indie Games Arcade footprint has grown over the years and always includes a range of fascinating new offerings. Last year it played host to the likes of Proteus, Don't Starve, DRM: Death Ray Manta, Where is My Heart and many others.

For more details on everything the Eurogamer Expo has to offer and to get your tickets, head over to We'll be announcing game line-ups and developer sessions in the near future.

Full disclosure: Eurogamer Expo is organised by Gamer Network, which owns Eurogamer staff help curate content and present sessions but have nothing to do with the commercial side of the event. Check out our How We Work page for more information.

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