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Save up to £60 on these EPOS Sennheiser GSP headsets

Sounds like a bargain.

A comfortable gaming headset with great sound is pretty much an essential part of your gaming set up these days. When you're settling in for a long evening of gaming, you don't want constant distractions like needing to adjust the headband and ear cups because they're too tight, or slipping due to sweat. A breathable, comfortable and durable headset is a great investment and will offer better immersion - plus you don't need to turn the volume down during your late-night gaming sessions.

Whether you're exploring the Lands Between in Elden Ring, or trying to keep a win-streak going in CS:GO, you'll also need a gaming headset that offers rich, clear sound. One brand that combines comfort and great audio quality is Sennheiser. Their affordable GSP range combines Sennheiser's famous audio quality with ultra durable and comfortable designs.

And right now at Currys, you can shop a wide selection of cheap Sennheiser gaming headsets. One stand-out deal is on the EPOS GSP 370 Wireless 7.1 gaming headset, with surround-sound and 100 hour battery life. It's currently reduced by £60, down to £119.

The GSP 370 wireless is very sleek despite its size, it's also much more comfortable than you'd expect given its size and weight. The long-lasting battery means you can wear this for many long gaming sessions without having to rush for a cable. The large flip michrophone and volume knob also make it easy to control your audio outputs and inputs too. It connects either via USB dongle or bluetooth, and is compatible with PlayStation and PC.

If you're not fussed about having a wireless headset, want something cheaper, or need your gear to be a bit more robust, then you'll want to check out the EPOS GSP 601 2.0 headset which is down to just £99.99 at Currys.

The GSP 601 was named the best tough gaming headset by Will Judd, so if you've a habit of knocking your stuff about these will be a welcome addition to your setup. They have the same big microphone and volume knob as the 370 wireless, so it's easy to mute your voice and control your volume. The 601s don't have surround sound, but the thick ear cups and moderate clamping force give it great noise isolation so you won't lose focus in your games.

If you're also wanting to upgrade your sound when you're not wearing headphones, have a read of Digital Foundry's best computer speakers guide so you can have great audio quality no matter what you're doing. Also be sure to follow the Jelly Deals Twitter account so you dont miss out on any headset and speaker discounts, as well as other gaming and tech deals.

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