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Digital Foundry's favourite gaming headset has dropped to its lowest price ever on Amazon

An Arctis Nova Pro for less.

Alright, I'll cut straight to the chase - Digital Foundry's favourite gaming headset, the SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro has been knocked down to its lowest price ever on Amazon with a solid price cut north of £50 to bring it down under £200.

The Arctis Nova Pro from SteelSeries is a Digital Foundry favourite for good reason, it must be said, given that it offers excellent sound quality and an especially comfortable design, for starters. In taking sound quality first, there's great detail and a wide soundstage, especially for a closed back headset. In addition, the wired model on show here also comes with a high-end Sabre DAC built into the base station to help it sound even better. We also found the microphone here to sound pretty good with the AI noise cancelling feature enabled, but otherwise, it was just okay.

There has been a bit of a redesign with the Arctis Nova Pro compared to the older Arctis headset with a new frame and three headband positions so you're sure to be able to get comfortable. Moreover, the fabric suspension headband from older Arctis headsets returns, which means if you're someone who's used one in the past, you should feel right at home with the Nova Pro. Intriguingly, the athletic foam earcups have been swappeed out for some leatherette ones to improve passive noise isolation and elicit a stronger bass response, as well as to make for a headset with a higher clamping force round your head so everything stays in place.

Referring back to the fact this is the Xbox variant of the Arctis Nova Pro, its base station is a little different compared to the other standard versions. While it comes with two USB inputs for quick switching between the two sources, one of them supports Xbox, while the other can be anything else - most likely a PC, PS5, PS4 or Switch.

The headset is also features some intriguing multi-function buttons for toggling the headset volume or game chat/audio mix dials, which is reflected on the base station, so becomes less of a pain once you know what to do.

All in all, the SteelSeries Arctis Pro for Xbox for £195is a steal from Amazon, not only given how feature packed the headset is, but also because of the fact it's at its lowest price ever.

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