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New PS3 Slim is cooler and greener

RSX graphics chip shrinks to 40nm.

Sony has released a new version of the PlayStation 3 Slim, with a revised, energy-saving RSX chip.

The new CECH-2100A revision of the hardware features a 45nm graphics chip, shrunk down from the 65nm version seen in the launch version of the Slim, and retains the 45nm Cell CPU from the existing model.

Additional tweaks to the motherboard also include the implementation of two 128MB XDR RAM chips in favour of the four 64MB modules seen in the original model. The cooling assembly of the new unit is also dialled back, and there's a different, lighter power supply contained within the console too.

All this can be witnessed in a tear-down of the new console by PocketNews.

The result is a machine that is cheaper for Sony to produce, cooler, and more power efficient. The site's tests of the new model reveal a 15 per cent drop in power usage compared to the existing Slim model, as you can see in these tests (translated by PlayStation University.

Update: The RSX die-shrink is now confirmed at 40nm, as covered in a PSU update.

Test CECH-2000 CECH-2100A
XMB Menu (Still wallpapers) 76W 67W
XMB Menu (Active theme) 83-86W 71W
FFXIII game event scene 96-107W 78-83W
FFXIII game menu 83-84W 74W
BD Playback 88-91W 77-78W
Standby (remote play active) 9W 9W