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Next-Gen Now: watch Forza Motorsport 5 at 60fps

High quality 1080p60 video plus gameplay performance analysis.

So just how much of a visual leap does Forza Motorsport 5 represent over the best of the current-gen racing games? In the latest of Digital Foundry's Next-Gen Now series, you can decide for yourself, as we present two high-quality direct-feed download captures for your perusal, including 1080p60 gameplay featuring a Ferrari strutting its stuff around the new game's most impressive circuit - the Prague city streets.

If you've not checked out our previous Battlefield 4 and Killzone/Knack/Resogun offerings, allow us to explain what the point of these features is. Essentially, we've encoded this next-gen direct feed in such a way that the files will play back very smoothly indeed on a large range of devices.

Most modern PCs and Macs should be able to handle the downloads we've provided at the foot of this page, but we've also targeted support for the veteran PlayStation 3 too - the idea being that you can use the older console to get a feeling for how the new games look on your living room display.

In the case of Forza Motorsport 5, we actually have two downloads for you - 1080p60 gameplay along with a second 1080p30 replay of the same race. Turn 10 dials up the detail level in its replays, showing the engine at its best - and halving the frame-rate in the process. As the update is fairly consistent, there's no real advantage in providing a 1080p60 video here - every frame generated by the console is displayed in the supplied 1080p30 download, bringing down file-size in the process.

In order to give you a preview of what you're downloading, we've supplied performance analysis of the gameplay video, proving that Turn 10 has done it again in providing a faultless 60fps experience. We're currently working on a more detailed critical appraisal of the technology in the new Forza, which we hope to run in the next couple of days.

If you're used to the locked 60fps of previous Xbox 360 Forza Motorsport titles, you'll be right at home with the new Xbox One offering.Watch on YouTube