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The Making of God of War III: Updated

Programmer feedback improves DF feature.

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Over the weekend, Digital Foundry ran its feature on the Making of God of War III, collating behind-the-scenes information on the development of the game with additional insights and bespoke videos and screenshots.

On Saturday night, we were fortunate enough to be contacted by senior staff programmer Ben Diamand, who wanted to clarify his involvement in the development of God of War, and in the process provide additional insight into the contributions made by the programming team in building the game's state-of-the-art renderer.

"I really enjoyed reading your God of War III 'Making of' article! I wanted to clarify that while I did spend a pretty large amount of time on shadows, work I'm very proud of to be sure, Sony Santa Monica had up until not too long ago a fairly small rendering team. So we all wore many hats," Diamand wrote.

"If anything, it's not that we could afford to spend a ton of time on any one thing that made Sony Santa Monica shine; I'd instead say that it's the versatility of the staff (art and design included) that really made it happen.

"That coupled with having programming managers like Christer [Ericson] and Tim [Moss] who helped by suggesting good ideas and especially by running interference for us so we had the time to properly implement and iterate over all of our ideas - those things were truly key."

Diamand's additional insights on developing the God of War III rendering tech have been incorporated into final page of the original piece. Check it out.

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