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At £54, this discounted Kingston A400 is the cheapest 1TB SSD on Amazon

A great second drive or a replacement to speed up an old PC/laptop.

Yes, you read that headline right - the Kingston A400 960GB SATA SSD, arguably one of the most popular SSDs money can buy is at its lowest price ever on Amazon. Currently, you can grab it for £53.47, which works out to 5.57p per GB of storage, and a far cry from its original introductory price of nearly £360 on Amazon back in 2018.

Of course, SATA storage has now been surpassed by M.2 options, which are capable of transfer speeds in the thousands of MB/s, but the fact remains that SATA SSDs such as the Kingston A400 still pack a punch. The A400 has quoted reads and writes of 500MB/s and 450MB/s respectively, which Kingston says is 10x faster than a more traditional mechanical hard drive, and is illustrative of the speedthat's available at a lower price than ever before.

In line with this, it's likely the A400 would make a solid boot drive for any older PCs or laptops, especially if your device lacks an M.2 NVMe slot. Personally speaking, I added one of these A400s (the 240GB model) into an older system a couple of years ago, and it's sped it up to no end, as well as, of course, adding more storage to the party. 960GB essentially provides you with another terabyte to use, and even more capacity to play with for installing apps and games.

The A400 also has the benefit of offering no moving parts, like other solid state drives, meaning there's very little than can go wrong, compared to with a mechanical hard drive's spinning discs, and more. On the point of things not going wrong, Kingston also says the A400 is is shock- and vibration-resistant, which is an interesting claim, but one thay they say makes the A400 a great choice for laptops and mobile computing solutions in general. The fact it's a 2.5 inch drive also means it's more compact than other SSDs and HDDS, too, which is always handy.

For £53.47 from Amazon, the Kingston A400 960GB SATA SSD is an exceedingly cheap way to speed up an older machine or add a ton of extra silent storage for games or media.

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