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DF Direct Weekly on Bayonetta 3, Matrix Awakens delisted and Prime Day pickups

Will, Tom and Oliver take on the week's news and answer supporter questions.

It's the DF Skeleton Crew! With the three most experienced DF Directers out - Rich on holiday, John on holiday and Alex out sick - it's time for Will, Tom and Oliver to step into the limelight for a Direct.

In this episode we cover the new Skate and Bayonetta 3 announcements, going over our expectations for the games based on the early footage - and our belief that playing leaked builds can sometimes spoil the final game.

We also react to the recent delisting of the Matrix Awakens on consoles, so soon after it debuted, and try to explain why Nvidia is discounting its higher tier graphics cards - and whether they're even worth buying anyway with a new generation of RTX 40-series GPUs thought to be very close.

The DF Direct, for your viewing enjoyment.
  • 00:00:00 Introduction
  • 00:00:49 News 01: Is FF7: Rebirth too much for Xbox?
  • 00:08:21 News 02: RDR 2 current-gen ports reportedly cancelled
  • 00:13:08 News 03: New Skate game announced, old build leaked
  • 00:16:53 News 04: Bayonetta 3 trailer and release date announcement
  • 00:24:37 News 05: First footage of redone Ark: Survival Evolved Switch port
  • 00:30:13 News 06: The Matrix Awakens demo delisted!
  • 00:34:27 News 07: High-end RTX 30 series GPUs get price drops
  • 00:39:42 DF Supporter Q1: Console showdown: PS1, N64, or Saturn?
  • 00:47:28 DF Supporter Q2: Any projects to look out for, or special interests you’d like to explore on the channel?
  • 00:50:23 DF Supporter Q3: How do you split your work between DF and Eurogamer?
  • 00:53:13 DF Supporter Q4: With Prime Day concluded, what pickups did you make from the sales?
  • 00:56:24 DF Supporter Q5: What gaming-related things are banned in your household?
  • 00:59:44 DF Supporter Q6: If Alex came from 2026 and told you a future Steam Deck had more powerful RT hardware than a PS5 or XSX, would you believe him?

It's also a great episode for supporter questions, with members of the DF Patreon sending in some great open-ended and a few slightly silly questions. For example - now that Rich is out of the room, what secret projects would we like to work on? And less importantly, what Prime Day pickups did we each make - and why do we clog up the Eurogamer website and Digital Foundry Twitter feed with stuff like this in the first place?

Elsewhere, we talk about self-imposed gaming 'bans' in our households - and confront once more the spectre of Future Alex, who comes from the future with hard-to-believe news about gaming hardware. Do we believe our colleague and friend, or are his tales too tall?

If you'd like to contribute a question of your own, we'd love to have you. Join the DF Supporter Programme to influence the direction of the Direct, talk with us on Discord and generally shape the future of Digital Foundry.

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