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Long read: The beauty and drama of video games and their clouds

"It's a little bit hard to work out without knowing the altitude of that dragon..."

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Introducing DF Direct Weekly

The team discuss the week's news and take user questions.

We've been looking to expand Digital Foundry in new directions recently and one of the most fun things we're doing is a weekly show discussing news, shorter stories where we don't have the time or manpower to deliver full-on analysis, plus quick looks at nice hardware that's caught our collective gaze. DF Direct Weekly is also a great opportunity for our Patreon supporters to get more closely involved with the team, while we're starting to open up more about current projects in production and to discuss some of the feedback we've received. It's more laid back and casual than our usual output and for us, it's a fun way to end what is usually a hectic week!

We've been working on refining the show since we debuted a couple of weeks ago, and you can catch the first two episodes here and here. The 'cast' of DF team members involved in the show rotates on a week by week basis, and I'm joined this week by Crysis connoisseur and PC specialist Alex Battaglia along with hardware man and @DealsFoundry mastermind, Will Judd.

Welcome to the Digital Foundry Weekly Direct!Watch on YouTube

Topics on the slate include the latest batch of FPS Boost titles, thoughts on Sony's direction with PSVR2, the mixed reaction to the Radeon RX 6700 XT, plus the challenge facing Intel with its upcoming Rocket Lake CPU launch. Alex tells us about his discussions with the developers of Marvel's Avengers for PlayStation 5, while the team discuss AMD's recent comments on its FidelityFX Super Resolution FSR technology - is it actually an alternative to Nvidia DLSS or is it something quite different? Meanwhile, Will fills us in on the excellent new Xbox Wireless Headset.

What's been especially interesting for me has been some of the questions we've received for the regular Q+A session. This week we're asked about the nature of the current shortage for CPUs, GPUs, consoles and basically any semiconductor you care to mention, why we produce far fewer HDR videos than we used to, and how far we've progressed in coming up with an image quality metric that's more meaningful than pixel counts. And speaking of resolution, should Xbox Series S really have been marketed as a 1440p machine when so many developers are targeting 1080p instead? All this and more in this week's show - and yes, we will be releasing it as a podcast soon!