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DICE reveals Battlefield 1 launch maps and modes

I didn't realise release was Sassoon.

EA DICE has confirmed the maps and modes that will be in Battlefield 1 at launch, 21st October 2016.

The Battlefield 1 maps

  1. Ballroom Blitz
  2. Argonne Forest
  3. FAO Fortress
  4. Suez
  5. The St. Quentin Scar
  6. Sinai Desert
  7. Amiens
  8. Monte Grappa
  9. Empire's Edge
  10. Giant's Shadow (free in December)

The Battlefield 1 modes

  1. Conquest
  2. Domination
  3. Operations
  4. Rush
  5. War Pigeons
  6. Team Deathmatch

What the hell is War Pigeons? It's capture-the-pigeon, essentially. Carrier pigeons and dogs were used during World War 1 to send messages. In War Pigeons both teams compete to capture - and then carry to a safe location - a pigeon. Once there you can let the pigeon go and it will call in an artillery strike on your enemy. Or poo on you. Coo!

Rush mode is also based around communication but this time via telegraph posts. The attacking team must find and destroy the defending team's telegraph posts using explosives. Each time they're successful the defending team will fall back to another sector. But if time runs out and the attackers have either run out of reinforcements or the defenders have at least one telegraph position left, then the defenders will win.

Operations are multi-map battles that are based on real battles from World War 1. These are the history-book encounters, the stories, the - EA DICE hopes - authentic recreations of being in the frontline of WW1. As an attacker you'll hear a whistle signalling the charge; as a defender you'll hear the trench alarm - then it's down to business across several maps and many sectors, with all sorts of vehicles and planes mixed in. Sounds great!

Domination mode is a smaller, infantry-focused version of Conquest, and Conquest is the signature Battlefield mode you're probably already familiar with. And if you're not, then read Martin's Battlefield 1 beta preview for reference - he was a fan, but not without reservations.

The recent Battlefield 1 beta attracted a gigantic 13.2 million players, which is way more than Star Wars Battlefront and way more than The Division.

Battlefield 1 will support PlayStation 4 Pro when that console launches 10th November. If you want to play Battlefield 1 on PC you ought to see the system requirements.

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