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Dead Rising 2: Case Zero

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A lot of people lose everything in Vegas, but when Chuck Greene's luck turned bad, he wasn't at the blackjack table.

Caught in the middle of a zombie outbreak, Chuck lost his wife to the slavering horde, and his only daughter, Katey, was bitten and infected with the deadly virus. Now, he's on a mission to keep his child alive, travelling the ravaged country trying to keep her supplied with Zombrex – the only medicine which can save Katey from a fate worse than death.

Not only that, a strict military quarantine means that the authorities are no friends to the Greene family, either – Chuck is his daughter's only hope, and things are about to get even worse.

Which is, in classic videogame style, where you step in.

Dead Rising 2: Case Zero is a world first – a DLC prologue which bridges the narrative gap between the original game and the forthcoming sequel. Set three years before the events of Dead Rising 2, Case Zero sees Chuck and Katey stopping in the once-tranquil town of Still Creek to pick up fuel and supplies.

Before long, Chuck's ride has been stolen, the zombies are closing in and Katey is in desperate need of a shot of Zombrex. It's time to tool up and tango.

Available exclusively for Microsoft's Xbox 360 at only 400 Microsoft Points, Case Zero will give Dead Rising fans the chance to experience many of the features of Dead Rising 2, whilst also letting them level up Chuck's skills to carry across into Dead Rising 2 – giving them the edge when it comes to kicking soggy zombie ass in the full game.

Survivors of Case Zero can carry over up to five extra character levels, extra prestige points, skills, Combo Cards and a number of alternate outfits to Dead Rising 2.

Key to hitting those dizzy heights, and to the survival of Katey and Chuck, will be the use of Case Zero's brutal combo weapons – which Chuck can manufacture from the items and guns which he finds around Still Creek. Not only is busting zombies a whole deal easier once you strap a pitchfork to your shotgun, using combo weapons will earn you extra prestige points, too.

Prestige Points aren't just for showing off, either. Collecting them will unlock new skills for Chuck, making him tougher, harder and much less likely to become a mindless, dribbling, shambling goon. Who wouldn't want to be able to pull off a 'head crush' in a tight corner? Only a fool, that's who.

Still Creek offers players a unique environment to explore, with dark alleys, abandoned stores and plenty of hiding places for the flesh-hungry undead to lurk in wait. If you're going to survive, you'll need all of your wits about you – especially when you come up against an old friend of Frank's from Dead Rising...

Dead Rising 2 will be released on the 24th Sep. To pre-order your copy, go to:

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