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Cult high school ninja game Senran Kagura Burst headed to Europe

Getting physical (and digital) release next year.

Cult Japanese beat 'em-up Senran Kagura Burst is getting a release in Europe next year.

Europe and North America will finally see the game in Q1 2014 - although the US will only get a digital eShop version.

The 3DS fighter launched in Japan nearly two years ago, and has since spawned spin-off anime and manga adaptations.

MAQL Europe, the local arm of publisher Marvelous, said the decision to release the title in Europe came as a result of fan enthusiasm at the possibility of a Japanese release.

Central to the series' cult popularity is the ability for its all-female cast to fight in school uniforms, swimwear and maid outfits. Early screenshots show this won't be toned down for the game's Western release.

Senran Kagura Burst will include the original Japanese game with a bonus second story. Each stars five female ninjas from one of two competing Japanese schools - which both secretly train students in the art of ninjitsu. Naturally.

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Senran Kagura Burst

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