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Come get beta keys for new Xbox One MMO Bless Unleashed


Bandai Namco and Neowiz have teamed up to Korean massively multiplayer role-playing game Bless Unleashed to Xbox One, and we've got 10,000 keys for this weekend's closed beta test to give away!

The test runs from Thursday 11th July to Monday 15th July, and you can grab a key to try out the game using the form below.

Dragon! No MMO is complete without one.

Bless Unleashed is a console-oriented take on MMOs, with combo-driven action combat and Unreal Engine 3 graphics complementing its classic set-up of levelling, adventuring, dungeons and player-versus-player competition. This weekend's beta test takes you through to level 22 and includes access to dungeons from level 18, and two-player arena challenges from level 20.

No-one's really cracked the classic style of MMO on console - will Bless Unleashed be the one? Head to the official site to find out more and don't forget to claim your beta key below!

Cover image for YouTube videoBless Unleashed: Dungeons and Arena Bosses
Bless Unleashed Beta Key Giveaway