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Broforce is brutal, brotastic

And here's 25 minutes of it in bromazing action.

Jeff pointed out last year that Broforce is the game the Expendables tie-in should have been, and he's got a point. It's actually what the Expendables itself should have been also: a steroid-smeared snapshot of 80s action heroes in their prime, pumped up full of beef and self-righteousness as they sear through the scenery.

So yeah, Broforce looks alright, and Ian's been having a look at it - every now and then we like to give him a break from playing stuff like the Aliens: Colonial Marines DLC to actually play something worthwhile. There's a little of Super Crate Box in Free Lives' game, which is of course no bad thing. There's tightly honed mechanics and a keen sense of style, and Broforce has the bonus of being soaked in 80s references. Have a closer look at the Let's Play below to find out more.

Watch on YouTube

And! You can find plenty more like this at Eurogamer's YouTube channel. Also, do check out Edward Love's piece on South African gaming from earlier this year, which sheds a little light on the development scene that spawned Broforce. Plus! Check the game out for yourself on Steam Greenlight if you want to have a crack at the prototype.

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