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Behind Behind Closed Doors

Nolan North! Tim Willits! Some indie guys!

The Developer Sessions are always a popular element of the Eurogamer Expo. After all, who better to show off games than the people who have spent the last two years locked in a darkened room with them, trying to make the finished product bear any kind of resemblance to the concept art?

This year, Expo attendees have the chance to get up-closer-and-personaller with the session speakers thanks to Behind Closed Doors. This unique series of events sees John Teti and Ellie Gibson chatting with industry luminaries live on stage. It's a bit more exclusive and laid-back than the regular sessions, with audience members given the opportunity to ask questions too.

In fact, the Behind Closed Doors sessions are so exclusive we thought we'd video them and put them on the internet:

If that doesn't satisfy your desire for videos of Ellie and John wasting other people's time, take a look at their Expo Extra series: