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Bank Holiday update schedule!

Digital Foundry! Retro! Zombies!

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The fun never stops here at Eurogamer, as Ray Maguire's teeth can attest, but sometimes the work has to stop because the government enforces national holidays and I wasn't around when we drew up the original employment contracts.

Yeah. Sorry Ray.

Monday 30th August is one such day, but don't you worry, because we know that when you kick back on a long weekend you're going to need something to read - so we've got your back.

On Saturday you will be able to read a fascinating investigation by Digital Foundry into some wacky nuclear-sounding Russian technology I don't understand that allows games of one frame-rate to run in another. Trust me when I say it's a must-read.

You'll also be able to read columnist Rob Fahey's take on the Liam Fox vs. Medal of Honor tabloid extravaganza, while on Sunday Mr Fahey is back to front up this week's retrospective - an in-depth examination of an addiction that directly led to the destitution of many of the friends to whom he introduced it. Well done Rob.

As for Monday, we've got zombies and we've got upside-down. You'll see.

Hopefully you'll pop along, but either way have a lovely break then get back to work you layabout.

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