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Ass Creed PS3 patched

Should stop freezes.

Ubisoft has released a patch for the PS3 version of Assassin's Creed in order to tackle some of its crippling bugs.

You can get your hands on it right now, and it should prevent niggles like random loading stalls and game freezes.

However, not everybody over on the official forums seemed to be content, with many reporting the same problems as before.

Unfortunately Ubisoft was unable to offer any further comment over plans for future fixes.

Assassin's Creed was released in November and turned out to be a bit of a one-trick pony, although it happily went on to trounce opposition like Mario Galaxy in sales.

Pop over to our Assassin's Creed gamepage for our review and comparison with the 360 version.

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Assassin's Creed

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