The best Nintendo Switch bundle deals

The best deals on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite consoles.

A Nintendo Switch bundle has been incredibly difficult to get a hold of since the start of the year. The good news is that stock has become more regularly available over the last few months. It's made our job of finding all the best Nintendo Switch bundles deals available to buy a whole lot easier.

The console's huge popularity over Black Friday and the Christmas period meant stock was already running low. Then the coronavirus pandemic massively impacted Nintendo's supply chain. This has caused significant Nintendo Switch stock shortages throughout 2020.

When a new Nintendo Switch bundle does crop up, it's clear that demand is still high as they tend to sell out again in a matter of hours - especially in the US. Don't wait around for too long if you see something you like below!

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The very best Nintendo Switch bundle right now

In the UK, your best bet is to try the Nintendo UK Official Store to find the best Nintendo Switch bundles. As a direct supplier of the console, they generally have the best availability and range of options. That said, we've seen the likes of Amazon and Currys PC World also offer up some good Switch deals over the recent months. You'll find our top picks of the bunch below, including consoles with Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and more.

If you're coming from the US, however, it's a lot harder to nail down any stock right now. We'd suggest you regularly keep an eye on this page or any of the big retailers such as Amazon, GameStop or Walmart. When the Nintendo Switch does pop up in stock at any store it's picked up lightning-fast. For now, you just need to try and get lucky with your timing.

If you just end up with a console, pairing it with a quaint life sim like Animal Crossing: New Horizons sounds like the perfect kind of escape right now. Even better if you can find it with a Switch bundle! If you do pick up a copy, do head over to Jelly Deals for all the Animal Crossing amiibo you can buy and some of the best Animal Crossing merch.

The best Nintendo Switch bundles


If our top Nintendo Switch bundle pick isn't exactly to your liking, we've gathered together all the rest we can find below. Here you'll find options featuring different bundled games, accessories and more. Worth a look if, say, you'd much prefer to ruin friendships in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe than live the quiet life in Animal Crossing.

The same caveat applies to all the Switch bundles we cover here: stock is extremely limited, so availability may vary depending on when you're here. We'll do our best to keep this page as up-to-date as possible, though.

Again, it's the Nintendo Official UK Store that seems to have the best variety of Switch bundles up for sale. They can sometimes be a little more expensive, but you tend to get more extras in them for your money. For anything more standard, both Currys PC World and Game are usually the better options. As for the console on its own, we'd suggest Amazon UK.

In the US? Well, it looks like there's a bigger delay there before stock levels become steady again. Anything that does pop up sells out incredibly fast or is bundled with loads of extras to bump up the price. We'd suggest keeping an eye on all the usual retailers as you'll need luck on your side to get a Switch right now.

The best Nintendo Switch Lite bundles

Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch Lite is currently out of stock everywhere. We've seen the odd console pop up every now and then but it seems impossible to nail down any consistent stock right now.

We've included a few links to a number of stores below so you can check for availability but there's no guarantee you'll be able to buy one. Do keep your eyes on this page, though, as we'll be back to update it with any new Nintendo Switch Lite bundle deals we stumble across.

Nintendo Switch vs Nintendo Switch Lite - the differences


One decision you'll need to make before your purchase is whether you want to go for a standard Nintendo Switch or the smaller Nintendo Switch Lite. Here's what you need to know about both before making your choice.

The original Nintendo Switch comes with a dock which means you're able to connect it up to your TV to play on a bigger screen. You can remove it at any time to play in handheld mode. In addition, the Joy-Con controllers on the side of the console are completely detachable, which is a necessity for some games such as Mario Party 8. In terms of features, the Switch offers up to 9 hours battery life in handheld mode, a slightly larger 6.2" screen and support to play games at 1080p in TV mode. Definitely the one to go for if you expect to do a fair amount of gaming at home.

As for the Nintendo Switch Lite, well, the name should give most things away. Not only is the device smaller and lighter, but it also only supports handheld play with a 7-hour battery life. That makes it the obvious choice for those of you who travel more or if you aren't too fussed about playing on a big TV all the time. It's also our recommendation if you expect any youngsters to be using the console as it's a bit more robust compared to the normal Switch.

When will the Nintendo Switch be back in stock everywhere?

Previously, many were expecting May as the best estimate for more Nintendo Switch stock. Turns out they were near to the mark! The Nintendo Switch started to arrive back in stores in June and availability has been fluctuating ever since. We're now at a point where stock is looking somewhat stable in the UK, though the console can still sell out quickly if you don't act fast enough.

It looks like a much different story in the US, where there's next to no Switches available to buy. The odd bundle has popped up every now and then but these disappear in a blink. All we can suggest if you're desperate for a Switch if for you to hold your nerve for now or plump for a Switch Lite instead. Whatever you do, don't get sucked into paying an extortionate amount by any scalpers on auction sites.

We'll be back to update this page regularly with all the best Nintendo Switch bundle deals. We'll be looking for anything that might beat the Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals and Amazon Prime Day gaming deals as those bargain bonanzas draw closer.

Remember, you can find even more Switch offers over at Jelly Deals. We've got a look at the best SD card for Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite to increase your storage, plus our picks for the best Nintendo Switch stylus and best power bank for Nintendo Switch.

Sometimes we include links to online retail stores. If you click on one and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. For more information, go here.

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