Capcom has announced that the mighty Elder Dragon Lunastra will be spreading her wings and joining the fray in Monster Hunter World for PC next week, starting on Thursday November 22nd.

Lunastra, who made her initial debut in Monster Hunter 2, was added to Monster Hunter World on Xbox One and PS4 back in May. Lunastra is the female counterpart to Elder Dragon Teostra (and even gets her own version of the amazing Teostra theme music) but ramps things up a significant notch with her deadly blue flames, and the ability to bond with Teostra in order to unleash some particularly devastating dual attacks. Don't forget to pack the Cool Drinks!

In order to face Lunastra, players will need to have reached HR 16 or higher, and must speak to the Huntsman in Astera to begin the event quest line. Following a successful hunt, Lunastra's carvable parts can be used to craft new armour - Lunastra Alpha Armour Set (α), Lunastra Beta Armour Set (β), and Lunastra Gamma Armour Set (γ) - and will open new upgrade paths for all 12 weapon classes. Additionally, completing the Elder Dragon's quest line unlocks the Temporal Mantle, which can be used to nullify damage from attacks via automatic evasion.

Capcom notes that PC players will need to download Monster Hunter World revision number 160018, available from November 22nd, in order to challenge Lunastra. This update also adds a new depth of field graphics setting, a vignette effects setting, and more.

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