This article explains how to kill the Shock Hunter in Bloodborne, following on from Rom, the Vacuous Spider.

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After killing the last boss, take out the pair of Henchmen, then go downstairs and then look behind you. You'll find a corpse holding Frenzied Coldblood here. Keep going all the way down the stairs and then interact with the Yahar'gul, Unseen Village lamp.

Yahar'gul, Unseen Village lamp

From the lamp you've just lit, you can either keep heading forwards into the new area, or go back and pick up a few extra items. You might have seen a few enemies to your rear after the Rom fight. The best way to fight these extra enemies, is to use the nearby lamp to get back to Hunter's Dream, then jump to the Grand Cathedral lamp. If you're not fussed about getting the items though, simple ignore the next section and drop down into the new region.

Return to Cathedral Ward

As soon as you get to Grand Cathedral, turn all the way around and then walk through the doors. Take the first set of stairs down, then take a left. You should be able to see another set of stairs towards the end of your current location. Go down them, then stand by the tree in front of you. Look down to spot a corpse containing Frenzied Coldblood, although you'll need to pick off some enemies before looting it.

Go right, but keep your eyes peeled for a rooftop on your left, just before the next stairway. Get onto it and kill the pair of Crazed Crows that are sitting up-top. Carry on down the stairs until you come to a Shock Hunter, as well as a regular Hunter companion.

How to kill a Shock Hunter

Shock Hunters are a little trickier to deal with than their vanilla counterparts, due to the lightning effect that's added to their weapons. They have a shield to protect themselves with too, as well as a chunky pool of health. They can also dodge away from your attacks. The good news is that you should be able to stun them at your current level, although you should always have one eye on your stamina bar, and back out if you're running out of juice.

Creep up towards the Shock Hunter until you've grabbed its attention, then run back towards the stairs so you can fight it alone. This enemy is not terribly tough by itself, but you don't want to fight two Hunters at the same time if you can possibly avoid it.

When you do get near, the Shock Hunter will shoot its weapon. Dodge the incoming damage, then immediately get stuck into your opponent with as much damage as you can, before retreating temporarily as the enemy prepares a counter-attack. Don't expect to get more than two hits in before having to dart out of harm's way.

If you're very good at avoiding the Shock Hunter's attacks, you may be able to dodge and then follow up with a Charge Attack. You'll need keen timing and spatial awareness to pull this off, but it's definitely possible. Don't forget that you can also interrupt the Shock Hunter's weapons with gunfire of your own. Again, you must time this extremely well for it to work, and you need to be near the opponent to pull of the critical strike follow-up.

How to avoid the Death Dealer in Cathedral Ward

Once you've killed both of these enemies, head back up the stairs until you're back where you could see the corpse. Jump down, take the items, then head forwards. Knocking on the doors by the lanterns won't result in anything much happening, so just keep going along the path on your right until you see a Death Dealer. Kill it now, but make sure you don't and end up being sent off to Yahar'gul, Unseen Village. If you pull the creature towards the well, you'll find it much easier to dodge its damage.

Should you prefer to avoid the fight altogether, just track its position so you don't get caught by surprise. You can take the stairs to the right of the rocky path, then proceed through the cave in front of you. Just be aware that you'll have to draw the Henchmen to you with Pebbles if you take this alternative route, and it can be a fiddly process.

Next up you'll have to deal with the pair of Cleaver Brutes waiting in the section below. You can use your gun to stun them, then deliver a critical strike to take them out easily enough. There's a pair of Imps by the second of these two enemies. If you want to kill them and get their goodies, be aware that you'll have to do so before dealing with the last Cleaver Brute.

When everything's dead, enter the next building ahead of you and take the Lead Elixirs from the corpse on your left. Next, simply work your way through the rest of this building to end up back where you were at the start of this section of the guide.

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