Everything you need to know about Metal Gear Solid 5's Mother Base

In one 30 minute video.

Konami has released a 30 minute video that dives deep into Metal Gear Solid 5's Mother Base.

The video runs through everything from base expansion to base invasions.

In the game you expand Mother Base and manage your Diamond Dogs to develop new equipment and abilities for use in the field. While you're out and about, you can call in intel, supply drops, first aid and medical treatment, so Mother Base is worth investing in. You can micromanage Mother Base, it or leave it in the hands of Miller, your second-in-command.

While in the field, you use the Fulton Recovery Device to bring people in. This involves strapping a balloon to soldiers, weapons, animals and even vehicles, which then float off into the air.

A part of Mother Base houses your Combat Unit. Here, you can send soldiers out on missions in place of Snake as the playable character.

You can salute your staff to raise their morale. It's a good idea to return to base every now and then to keep their chins up. You may also find rough diamonds hidden around Mother Base, which add to your GMP.

We also see D-Dog. He's a puppy in the video, but eventually grows into an adult and joins you on the battlefield.

Mother Base has portable showers which let you wash away blood and fatigue between missions - you need to shower in order to keep your performance level up while out in the field. Shower and you get the "physically and mentally refreshed" message.

You'll want to keep a close eye on your Diamond Dogs, who may become unruly if left to their own devices. The video shows us what looks like a torture scene involving the mysterious sniper Quiet, and a brawl between a couple of Snake's soldiers.

Other Mother Base tidbits: there are nods to P.T., the Silent Hills precursor pulled from the PlayStation Store by Konami following the Japanese company's row with Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima, dotted around the place.

The weather at Mother Base is dynamic, so it can rain. There are posters, which benefit you somehow, and target trials that let you practice with new weapons.

Now, onto your Forward Operating Bases (FOBs). These are online versions of Mother Base.

While FOBs are useful in that they bring in more resources, they run the risk of being invaded by other players. FOB invasions can happen at any time, even during missions. It looks like there's a tower defence element to setting up security on your FOBs, but you can return to base to handle invasions personally.

We see one of these invasions play out in the video. The idea is they offer a one versus one, "massively multiplayer metagame" experience of pitting your army against rivals from around the world.

During the FOB invasion we see the upgraded version of the Fulton for the first time. The Wormhole Extraction Device, unlike a Fulton balloon, can't be shot down, making it more useful.

We also see the Hand of Jehuty, a powerful weapon that pulls enemies from a distance next to the player for instant CQC. We also spy the smoke cardboard box - useful as a trap.

If you invade, your FOB location is revealed to the defender, allowing them to strike back if they choose. If you have friends online you can request help from other players to defend an attack.

An important point: FOBs are not required. You can clear the game without them, and if you prefer to keep your experience offline, you can. Mother Base will have the biggest impact on your success, Konami said.

The video ends by showing off the huge potential size of your Mother Base. It can get so big you'll need to drive around, or use the cargo delivery system for transportation.

Some areas are only accessible by helicopter. While viewing your growing empire from above, why not put on some music? Take on Me by A-Ha, perhaps? Or Joy Division's Love Will Tear Us Apart?

Ah, Love Will Tear Us Apart. Someone, that song seems appropriate for Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid 5.

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