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Mr. Moskeeto 2 in development

Buzz off!

Zoom's Mr. Moskeeto is to get a PS2 follow-up, also according to Famitsu this morning. Known as Ka in Japan, Moskeeto was obviously quite popular, because it was picked up by Eidos for their Fresh Games label (whatever happened to that?) and released to utter disinterest over here. It wasn't a bad game though, although Martin might disagree with me, it was just a bit difficult to control and a bit boring after a while.

Anyway, whilst the first game took place in the Yamada family residence in Japan (complete with insane, hilariously badly translated cut sequences), the second game follows the Yamada's to Hawaii after they win a vacation from a local shop. The mosquito travels with them and gets his teeth stuck into them along with the Brown family, who are hosting the Yamada's in Hawaii.

The difference this time is that the player can suck from any part of the target's body, instead of just designated (and often difficult to reach) points. However there will be a "pressure point" system in the game, which will offer more blood to those who go for it. And as before, relaxation points will need to be targeted to calm the victim if he or she starts angrily flapping at the player.

Ka 2 is due out in Japan this summer, although there's been no word from Eidos (or anyone else for that matter) about US or European plans.

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