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DKC 'enhancements' revealed

Advance my donkey

Also from GameSpot this morning comes news of the promised 'enhancements' to the GBA version of Donkey Kong Country. As previously reported, these take the form of a couple of mini-games with two player functionality. However, they sound as uninviting as Mario Advance's so-called multiplayer. They are Funky's Fishing (catch as many fish as possible within a given time limit) and Candy's Dance Studio (a simple rhythm-action game). The report also confirms the addition of stat tracking, unlockable character art and a save-anywhere feature. Perhaps most interesting though is a Donkey Kong attack mode, which will measure in-game performance according to various factors and perhaps even add some replay value to this otherwise fairly limited package.

Go on chaps: throw DKC2 in there. We bet you could if you wanted to.

Source: GameSpot

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