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All the goss from EGX London

Street Fighter 6! Wo Long! More.

Were you fortunate enough to make it down to EGX London this year? It was a weekend ago now, and, if you ask me, there was a nice vibe around the place. It was nice to be back playing games together relatively unimpeded by the pandemic, and the show is feeling much more like its old self again. But what caught our eye there?

That's what I'm talking to my two Weekly guests Martin Robinson and Liv Ngan about today. What did Liv think of Wo Long, did Martin like Street Fighter 6, and why was everyone talking about new card game Wildfrost?

Elsewhere in today's show, I catch us up on some of the reviews we've missed while we've been away - sorry for the gap in our programming, but I've had some time off - before getting onto the hot topic of the week: the FIFA 23 review. It's the final FIFA-branded game, and there's a lot to both like, and loathe, about it.

That's Weekly for this week, and it's available on all major podcast platforms right now. Here are some handy links:

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Street Fighter 6

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Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

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