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PS3: Ask Us Questions

And ye shall receive (answers).

As you've probably seen already, we've got a PlayStation 3. Specifically, we've got a debug unit (which means that it's almost final hardware, but the operating system doesn't have multimedia functionality and so on just yet) with a few bits and pieces of beta software, sitting right here in front of us and purring away. Purring away very quietly, we might add.

So - what do you want to know, dear readers? We could write features about the PS3 until the cows come home (and believe us, we will - even if we have to fight the bovine menace away from the door to do so), but you know best what it is that YOU want to know about the PlayStation 3, so we'd like you to ask us those questions.

Here's how it works. Post a comment in the thread below this (you'll need to register to do so, if you haven't already - don't worry, it's totally free and we promise not to send you anything you don't ask for) with your question, and at the start of next week, we'll go through all of the questions we've been asked, sit down with the PS3, and answer as many as possible of them.

Oh, and before you ask - no, you can't ask for the phone number of the girl in our PS3 photos gallery. Well, you can ask, I guess...