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24-hour Sword and Shield livestream reveals new Pokémon

UPDATE: Galar Ponyta will be Shield exclusive.

UPDATE 9/10/19: After its announcement during Pokémon's weekend livestream, Galar Ponyta (AKA My Little Ponyta) has now been shown off via official artwork published in Japanese magazine Famitsu.

The new information here is that Ponyta will be a Pokémon Shield version exclusive - the opposite of the recently-revealed Sirfetch'd which is Sword exclusive.

This presents a slightly unbalanced pair of Pokémon to tempt you one way or the other (or into buying both). Ponyta, of course, evolves into Rapidash (heard off-screen during the livestream) meaning Shield has two Pokémon exclusives. Will something else be revealed for Sword?

ORIGINAL STORY 5/10/19: The 24-hour Sword and Shield livestream is over and Pokémon fans can finally rest - except they can't because it offered a glimpse at a new Pokémon and they're losing their shit.

The stream teased the appearance of the new Pokémon with galloping sounds and snippets of footage. Then fans saw its tail:

Then it trotted across the background but was obscured by an Impidimp who walked in front of the camera. David Attenborough would have been furious.

And then, finally, the mysterious new Pokémon was revealed in all its glory - and it looks like a My Little Pony.

Just before the end of the stream, two of the things popped up on-screen - one without a tail for some reason. The pair rubbed heads, prompting one of the manes to glow. Fans now believe this is a Galarian version of Ponyta, the horse-like Pokémon, but this remains unconfirmed for now.

So there you have it. Pokémon Sword and Shield has a My Little Pony. My kids will be thrilled.

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