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20,000 video game cars flow like water in TrackMania


Ever wondered what 20,000 video game cars driving the same track would look like? Wonder no more.

The 20K Project rendered the replays of 20,386 TrackMania cars, driven by 30 drivers, onto the TrackMania Stadium track. The result is hypnotic.

In the video, below, (thanks, PC Gamer) we see the cars flow across the track like water, crashing over structures like waves and spilling out into every direction.

It's the work of L4Bomb4, who spent half a year lifting replays from TrackMania United Forever and TrackMania Nations Forever and rendering them out onto the same track. In the video description, L4Bomb4 said the skins of the cars were lost in the process of importing the replays into a newer version of TrackMania Stadium, which explains the look of the vehicles.

However, as a result of the transition, he was able to render up to 12,000 cars without the game crashing. For the remaining 8000 cars, modder Danixks was drafted in to "blend" vehicles together.

L4Bomb4 estimates he put his PC through around 300 hours of rendering time. Danixks spent around 120 hours editing it all together.


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