Virtua Fighter 5 for X360

A few months after PS3.

SEGA has revealed that Virtua Fighter 5 will be released on Xbox 360 after all, in late summer 2007.

That gives it a bit of time on its own on PlayStation 3, for which it will be released on 20th February in North America and at PS3's March launch in Europe, but will certainly come as a relief to ardent fans of the game who didn't fancy the latter's price tag.

"Those people lucky enough to have already played Virtua Fighter 5 [in the arcade] will know that it's laid the foundations to become the clear benchmark for fighting games on all next generation consoles," reckons SEGA's Matt Woodley.

Expect more on this in the near future, with the game due out in both the US and Europe in late summer 2007.

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