The Darkness dev reworking EA franchise

"Innovative take on a classic property."

Electronic Arts has secured the talents of Swedish developer Starbreeze to rework one of its major franchises for PC, PS3 and 360.

But there's no word on which licence it will be, so we're to use a fancy Project RedLime codename for now.

Starbreeze is responsible for atmospheric comic-book shooter The Darkness and film-inspired romp The Chronicles of Riddick, which is currently being revamped for 360 and PS3.

The press release called it "an incredibly innovative take on a classic property", and said Starbreeze was already "deep in development on Project RedLime" and getting all the time it needs to make it.

"We're excited to bring a new perspective and gameplay innovation to this beloved fiction," said Johan Kristiansson, boss at Starbreeze.

So what exactly is it? Syndicate? System Shock? We're leaning towards a first or third-person affair, probably a shooter.

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