Split/Second helicopter modes shown

Dodge waves of missiles and fight back.

Black Rock Studios has unveiled the Air Strike and Air Revenge modes in Split/Second: Velocity, where you duel with a gunship.

Game director Nick Baynes talked through them in the video below.

"As you play through the single-player campaign of Split/Second, you'll encounter a variety of game modes. We've talked about races and survival in the past, and in this video you'll be introduced to the two exciting chopper game modes," Baynes explained.

"You'll first encounter the Split/Second helicopter in Air Strike. The goal here is simple: win as many points as possible by avoiding the missiles firing down on you.

"You can see where they're targeting before they're fired, so plot your path and drive carefully. Each wave of missiles awards points, and you have three wrecks before the game's over. Each wave gets progressively tougher to pass, so stay alert.

Air Strike and Air Revenge modes detailed.

"Elsewhere in Split/Second, you get the chance to fight back in Air Revenge. The basic mechanic is the same as before, except now surviving waves of missiles awards power rather than points. Fill up your bar and you can jam the chopper's targeting system, and deflect them back at it.

"Do this enough and wipe out his health bar and you've won the mode. It's all about how fast you can take the chopper down, so use your power strategically."

Split/Second: Velocity is due out for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on 21st May. You can read our multiplayer hands-on impressions very soon and our review early next week.

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