Samba Wii confirmed again

SEGA says how it works.

It's been confirmed once already, but that hasn't stopped SEGA dancing a jig in our direction to "jazzle" us with news that Samba de Amigo is on its way to Wii.

Yesterday's announcement also brought with it word of how the new beat-matching game - a follow-up of sorts to the infamous Dreamcast original, which came with maraca peripherals - will work.

The answer is that - presumably in order to make it a bit cheaper and more accessible to the Wii's audience of casual millions - you will get to use the Wii Remote and Nunchuk as maracas, shaking them to match prompts on-screen.

If it's properly in-keeping with the original, you will also be asked to throw the occasional shape and then hold it while the game measures your poise.

As previously revealed, Samba de Amigo for Wii is in development at Gearbox Software (so expect lots of feisty World War II "flava") and is due out in spring 2008 in the US and Europe.

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