Red Alert 3 sub-game this week

Commander's Challenge for PS3, 360.

EA plans to release Red Alert 3 sub-game Commander's Challenge on PS3 this Thursday.

Date confirmation comes from the European PlayStation Store, where you can find a couple of videos and screenshots of the content.

Commander's Challenge is ripped out of the PC-only expansion Uprising, and challenges you with 50 unique scenarios based around various AI personalities and their bonkers motives. Real-life wrestler Ric Flair is one of them, and he hams it up in his very own cut-scene accompaniment.

It's not free, incidentally, but costs $9.99 (no European price is mentioned) from the PlayStation Store.

Xbox 360 owners are in-line for the content too, although when exactly we're unsure. You lot will pay 800 MSP (6.80 / 9.60) for the privilege.

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