Rear exotic animals in My Farm for DS

Crocodiles! Hippos! Lions! Pigs.

Atari has unveiled a brand new DS game called My Farm Around the World, due for release on 14th November.

The idea is to build a farm from humble beginnings into a global nature spectacle, a bit like Viva Piata.

Players can choose from a Traditional farm with smelly pigs to an African ranch with amazing lions and hippos. There's also an Asian farm with monkeys and elephants as well as an Australian ranch with crocodiles, kangaroos and whoever the new Steve Irwin is.

Duties range from stuffing food in the creatures to cleaning our their enclosures, which should result in eggs to sell for money that can expand the farm. You might want to buy a windmill, for example.

We think the best bit will be trading animals with friends over Wi-Fi; putting a lion in with some pigs should be enlightening.

No word, incidentally, on vehicles to to run over animals with and break its legs off.

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