Nintendo researched 3D for 20 years

3DS in development for the last three.

Nintendo has been looking at 3D technology for more than two decades according to Shigeru Miyamoto, but the 3DS only came together relatively recently.

"Nintendo's been researching 3D games for over 20 years," Miyamoto told Joystiq during E3.

"The first time we started looking at 3D with an LCD screen was during the GameCube days."

Nintendo even launched a 3D system, the Virtual Boy, in 1995, but it was a bit of a disaster as consoles go, and was discontinued within a year.

"We've continued to experiment with it since then, particularly implementing it into the 3DS," Miyamoto said of 3D. "That's something we've been working on for the past three years."

And how. The 3DS is the talk of the show, and we've definitely enjoyed playing around with it during hands-on sessions.

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EGTV plays with Nintendo 3DS

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