Ninja Theory working on two big projects

Enslaved and another secret game.

Ninja Theory's Tameem Antoniades has said that the British studio is currently in pre-production on another "full scale" game besides Enslaved.

"We've just started two projects. Well, we're actually... We're kind of in production on Enslaved and we've just started pre-production on a new secret project," Antoniades told 4 Guys 1UP (thanks PS3 Center.

Asked whether it was a download game or similar, Antoniades clarified: "No, it's a full-scale... it's a pretty big project. It's still top secret, but it's gonna be pretty awesome, obviously."

Enslaved is a third-person action-adventure due out for PS3 and Xbox 360 later this year courtesy of Namco Bandai, and sees players control Monkey, a muscle-bound scrapper in a leafy, post-apocalyptic America stalked by combat robots that were never decommissioned.

Monkey has to work together with female companion Trip, who has fitted him with a collar that will explode if he disobeys her. She's trying to use Monkey to make her way home.

You'll be able to read a big old piece on Enslaved in about half an hour when our preview embargo expires...

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