Cyanide doing Blood Bowl games

Games Workshop happy again.

Games Workshop has agreed to let Cyanide develop a series of licensed games based on its Blood Bowl tabletop fantasy football game.

We'll hear news about a publisher and the first game in development soon.

Interestingly, Games Workshop notes, "Any differences between Games Workshop and Cyanide have been amicably settled for an undisclosed sum, and as part of the settlement the Chaos League title has been assigned to Games Workshop."

Details of the disagreement between Games Workshop and Cyanide were never made public, but a source familiar with the situation told us today that problems may have stemmed from supposed similarities between Chaos League and Blood Bowl.

Originally, our source says, Cyanide pitched the Chaos League concept to Games Workshop in hope of winning a Blood Bowl licensed - but were rebuffed.

Later in development, Games Workshop took issue with the game anyway.

Chaos League, you may remember, was Cyanide's own fantasy sports title, published by now defunct Britsoft publisher Digital Jesters.

Having got its hands on Chaos League, Games Workshop now says it has no plans to develop further games in the series - but Cyanide, now at work on Blood Bowl anyway, are presumably relatively happy with the outcome.

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