Go to hell. Oh, well, to Mars anyway.

Death to you. Here. What we mean is you can now download the single-player demo of id Software's Doom III, which was released the other month to the whinnying satisfaction of thousands of underused and overpriced graphics card cooling fans the world over, from Eurofiles.

The frankly enormous 462MB demo of the game (which is, er, about a third of the whole install we reckon) consists of the opening cinematic introduction and three levels - Demo_mars_city1, Demo_mars_city2 and Demo_Mc_underground. That doesn't help you much, given that you haven't played the game at all, but everyone's saying that and we didn't want to feel left out.

Then again, if you haven't played Doom III already, you probably know all about being left out. Fortunately, you now have the chance to see which side of the fence you come down on with id Software's memorable-if-nothing-else first-person splatterfest. So, yeah, go to hell.

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