Crazy Frog games coming.

In news that will make small children cheer and everyone else want to end it all, hateful ringtone character the Crazy Frog is to appear in his very own videogame.

A representative for licensing agency Wallaroo, which owns the Crazy Frog brand, told our sister site that it'll be "out on PC, PS2 and GBA by Christmas," and will have "something to do with racing".

"It will definitely be a game that's cool, but also annoying, just like the Crazy Frog," the representative told us.

"It's going to be a lot of fun."

The Crazy Frog has become a European-wide phenomenon in recent weeks, selling millions of ringtones, mobile graphics and chart-topping records to children who don't know any better and students who think it's the best thing since the Parrot sketch.

German publisher DTP has signed up to produce the GBA version, but there's no word yet on who'll be responsible for the PC and PS2 games. We're told to expect an announcement soon, presumably once the publisher in question has had time to nail up its letterbox in readiness for the hate mail.

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