Star Trek MMORPG in development

But you'll need a wormhole to 2007 to play it now.

Online game developer Perpetual Entertainment, founded by Electronic Arts veterans Joe Keene and Chris McKibbin, has signed a deal with Viacom to produce a massively multiplayer Star Trek game - under the working title Star Trek Online - spanning all five TV series and 10 movies in the long-running sci-fi franchise.

Although the game covers all the content created for TV and the big screen, the launch version of the game will focus on the 24th century setting of Star Trek: The Next Generation, with further expansion packs set to add content from different parts of the timeline.

However Star Trek fans shouldn't get too excited just yet, because Perpetual doesn't even plan to begin testing the game until sometime in 2006 (the franchise's 40th anniversary), and won't launch the game until early 2007.

According to a FAQ document on, the game will feature "a persistent world where thousands of players will immerse themselves in the life and times of the Federation. You will explore the galaxy, defend against incursions, and pursue the needs of the Federation in space, on planet surfaces and in star bases."

Chris McKibbin, president of Perpetual, added: "Players will encounter characters, places, and situations from their favourite Star Trek movies and televisions series; will explore incredibly new worlds; and will cooperate with or battle friendly and hostile races throughout the game."

For more detailed information on the game, which is still in the early stages of development, we suggest you check out the FAQ for yourself. Expect to hear more on Star Trek Online sometime soon.

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