Vin Diesel wants PS2 Riddick this Christmas

He's "trying" to get it out in time, and claims that he's not sure why it was Xbox exclusive in the first place.

Vin Diesel has lent credence to speculation that a PS2 version of celebrated Xbox film spin-off The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay is in development, claiming in a recent interview that he wasn't sure why it was Xbox exclusive and that he was "trying" to ensure a PS2 version would be on retailers' shelves this Christmas.

Asked in an audio interview on why the game is an Xbox exclusive, the actor reportedly responded, "That's a question I have." Given that the game occasionally struggles to maintain a top frame rate on the Xbox hardware, we could hazard a guess as to why, but hey. Diesel also added that he's "trying to get the PS2 game [sorted] by Christmas; to release with the DVD [of the film, The Chronicles of Riddick]."

Last week Vivendi confirmed reports (in film mag Variety, amongst other places) that a PC version of the game is in development and due out later this year, but a spokesperson this week told US website GameSpot that there are "no plans" for a PS2 version "at this time". Then again, the publisher denied all knowledge of a PC version for a spell.

The Xbox version, meanwhile, is due out in Europe next month alongside the cinematic release of the film. Vivendi recently admitted that more Riddick titles could well be made in future. Indeed, as various commentators suggested at the time, the subdued critical response to the film could well lead to the game series surviving long after the Riddick character says goodbye to the silver screen.

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