Halo 2 finished

And nobody's suing anybody. It's the future of FPS development!

Bungie has finished work on Halo 2 according to the developer's latest weekly update, which promises to be one of the last because, not illogically, "there's no more updating on the progress of the game, since the game is done."

Now that Bungie has completed work on the monstrously hyped Xbox first-person shooter, there's bug fixing and manufacturing to go through. "[It's] Finished and shipped to a nebulous region known as RTC (Release To Certification" where it will be dumped from eight digital tapes onto a DVD and go through some final testing."

"Barring any unexpected shenanigans, Halo 2 is done and dusted, simultaneously, for every region it will be released in worldwide." That means the game is well and truly on course for its debut in the US on November 9th, to be followed by a launch across Europe on November 11th.

As previously reported, gamers in Switzerland, France and Belgium will be able to get hold of Halo 2 on November 10th due to holidays occurring on the 11th.

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