New VF5 website

Smash and grab.

SEGA knows everyone likes a good dust-up, so its decided to give us something to really fight over: a new Virtua Fighter 5 website. Gosh, exciting times.

There isn't a great deal to see, apart from a handful of screenshots for new characters El Blaze and Eileen - who's wearing a very fetching pair of hot-pants.

The game was recently confirmed as a European launch title for PlayStation 3, and will also be available on Xbox 360 sometime this summer.

Virtua Fighter 5 is the series' first next-gen outing and introduces two new characters: El Blaze, with his Mexican spandex wrestling moves, and Eileen, who brandishes Chinese "Monkey Kung-Fu".

Pop over to our gamepage to see our long list of trailers for the title.

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