Holly Valance stars in Red Alert 3: Uprising

Plays a news journalist. Back off?

Former Neighbours star and new friend of Eurogamer Holly Valance has been unveiled as one of the cast of Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising.

Valance plays a news journalist called Brenda Snow. "She's investigating a research facility that might be doing some dodgy business, and thinks perhaps the president's involved," Valance told Eurogamer in an interview today.

As with Red Alert 3, Uprising promises cheesy live-action cut-scenes in which stars like former Hollyoaks actress Gemma Atkinson ham it up for the cameras and war-dolphins.

And like Atkinson and her excellent compatriot Tim Curry, both of whom we spoke to a few months ago, Valance isn't taking it too seriously. "It's a camp, over-dramatised character, it's not too serious. It was fun to go a little bit over the top."

Not that it's the first time of course, since she's also been in the Dead or Alive film, where she beat up some feds while putting on her underwear ("when I pistol-whip the detective at the end, I actually did during one take").

Red Alert 3: Uprising is due out in March via digital distribution, and features new mini-campaigns, a new Commander's Challenge mode and, of course, more wacky cut-scenes.

Check out our full Holly Valance interview elsewhere on Eurogamer. You won't find out all that much more about Uprising, but you will discover who she fancied on Neighbours and which consoles she owns.

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