Ghostbusters budget was $15m - $20m

Dev would "love to" do another game.

It's been revealed that Ghostbusters cost between $15 million and $20 million to make. That's Ghostbusters the game, of course; the film was made in 1984 and therefore cost about Ł3.99.

According to Texas newspaper the Star Telegram, "The videogame has already achieved "blockbuster" status with an estimated 1 million units sold. Terminal Reality’s videogame was the product of years of planning and execution, thousands of hours of work [and] a final budget of $15 million - $20 million."

Ghostbusters is now back in fashion, so much so that Dan Aykroyd has said he's working on a third film. So how about another game? "You can bet that if that movie were to come out, we’d just love to do another Ghostbusters game based on it," said Terminal Reality co-founder Mark Randel.

The article goes on to quote "video-game reviewer Ellie Gibson" of "", who is clearly considered the leading authority on such things in Texas. Read her review for the full lowdown.

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