Eledees to return on DS

Sequel to quirky Wii title coming.

Konami has said it will be bringing the Eledees back to life on the DS this winter.

Dubbed The Adventures of Kai and Zeo, this handheld game acts as a sequel to the Wii instalment released last May. That, incidentally, has a decent Metacritic score of 75 per cent.

Eleedes, or Elebits to give them their US title, are little creatures that serve as an energy source for the game and produce electricity when clumped together.

Your job is to go around and collect them with your Ghostbusters-like gun, so that they can follow you around like Pikmin and help you later on. Your gun also clears obstacles from your path.

It all looks to have retained its colourful and attractive presentation, and Konami promises Wi-Fi battles for up-to four players and easy-to-use touch-screen controls.

Pop over to our Eledees: The Adventures of Kai and Zero gallery for the first screenshots.

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