EA: RA3 looks and plays better on PS3

LA studio using "more complex" tech.

EA Los Angeles has told Eurogamer that Red Alert 3 really will look and play better on PS3 than on Xbox 360.

The company was clarifying chatter from EALA development director David Seeholzer yesterday, who said PlayStation 3 fans can expect "better graphics [and] improved performance" but failed to elaborate further.

"We had a dedicated team working on the PS3 versions of Red Alert 3 over the past months, and the additional time this team had has given them the opportunity to really polish the performance to a level we are very proud of," explained a spokesperson for the developer in response.

"Another reason why the PS3 version will ship with better graphics and performance is that, in some places, we were able to use the more complex renderer from the PC version of Red Alert 3."

The PS3 version of Red Alert 3 - dubbed the Ultimate Edition - will be out here this March for usual full-game price, and comes stuffed with plenty of extras.

There are numerous video features crammed onto the Blu-ray disc, such as a Girls of Red Alert 3 piece, plus five new multiplayer maps, an official soundtrack and profiles for all the Red Alert 3 units.

The Xbox 360 version of Red Alert 3 came out last December. And while the game fell just short of a "must-play" recommendation, control improvements and a fabulously cheesy set of FMV sequences starring serious actors, glamour models and David Hasselhoff, make this a worthwhile investment.

Head over to our Red Alert 3 Xbox 360 review to find out why.

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