EA confirms C&C4 only for PC

Leaks are true. Due next year.

EA has announced Command & Conquer 4 for release on PC next year. Surprise! Or perhaps not.

To clarify, however, there are no console versions planned - if what EA told vg247 holds true.

The biggest features are an RPG persistent progression system across all gameplay modes, which may or may not include online - EA doesn't specify. Even without, multiplayer still has new 5v5, objective-based challenges, which the re-deployable construction units should spice up.

Nod and GDI factions are back, and will wrap around a story that follows Kane's masterplan reveal as he travels to his enemy's headquarters. Which up-and-coming starlets will pepper the cast-list this time, however, is unknown.

A video and asset splurge is planned for 24th July on EA's BattleCast PrimeTime webcast. But, well, that might always leak ahead of time too.

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