Compatibility Problems for the PS2

Want to run your old games? Fine, as long as these aren't in your collection...

It's a sorry state of affairs for Sony, but then some developers just would not do as they were told, and like the fiendish scallywags they still are, dodged the PlayStation's proprietory graphics API, preferring to adopt their own approach. This would not have mattered a jot of course, but as everyone is now slowly finding out, you can't have obscure programming and backwards compatibility. It's one or the other, and as such a small group of games has now emerged that either do not work with the PS2, or display problems in certain areas. Thus, owners of the following titles:-

...may encounter problems. The highest profile game on that list (from our perspective anyway) is Square's "Final Fantasy Anthology", in which FFV exhibits major graphical glitches on the save/load screens thanks to some rather sneaky programming from Square that has now returned to haunt them. I doubt too many people will mourn titles elsewhere on the list, but nonetheless, do take note. Vib-Ribbon still works, by the way, and frankly, that's all we care about.

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