League of Legends gets its own reality show

You gotta be Kennen me.

Australia is bracing itself for a League of Legends reality show.

The show, called The Next Gamer, will see players battle it out for a contract with one of Australia's best League of Legends teams and $10,000.

The premise is simple. 40 players compete online, over five days, to win one of the coveted 10 spaces in the Next Gamer House. The final 10 will then take part in daily challenges and tournaments which will test "mental fortitude, physical fitness, and teamwork".

After a week of battles, five players will remain. These five will form a team to take on Oceania's top gaming teams, while learning to work in a professional team environment.

In the live final, the team will face a team from the Oceanic Pro League and an overall winner will be crowned.


Image credit The Next Gamer.

Another esports reality show, by a separate company, was also announced today. Singapore company Spout Entertainment announced plans for an esports series, however its plans are slightly more ambitious.

Spout Entertainment plans to create a 32-episode TV series focused on esports. The 32 episodes will then be finished with a feature-length film.

According to the Spout Entertainment website, the show plans to start with a four-part series called Game To Fame: Road To World Cup. This series will see "contestants vying for professional gaming contracts for FIFA Online 3".

The show is being promoted as a "Big Brother-meets-The Voice" series where "fresh-faced debutants will rough it out against former pros".

The Game To Fame series does not exclusively feature FIFA. It also features League of Legends, DOTA 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Hopefully there's less nudity than Big Brother.

This isn't the first esports reality show. Check out a clip from Gamerz (yes, with a z), a CS:GO reality series broadcast earlier this year:

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